The Women’s Filibuster!

#WomensFilibuster video archive

“This may be the end of our 72-hour #WomensFilibuster, but in no way is this the end of our fight. This is just the beginning.”

~ Elizabeth Read Katz,
Missourian, mother, wife, woman faced with making an unbelievably difficult decision when faced with a pregnancy gone wrong

The Missouri Legislature has concluded it’s 2014 regular session after spending countless hours advancing more than 30 bills harm women’s health and passing a dangerous bill that would triple the state’s mandatory waiting period for a woman seeking safe, legal abortion to 72 hours. The debate sparked national outrage when a state legislator compared the decision to end a pregnancy to the decision to buy a car. Even more outrageous is that while all this time was spent playing politics with women’s health, the leaders in the Missouri legislature failed to act on Medicaid expansion, which would allow nearly 300,000 hardworking Missourians to access affordable health care.

Missourians are outraged by this dangerous and misguided agenda and have been organizing for months--hundreds rallied last month at a Lobby Day for Women’s Health, and thousands more have called and emailed their legislators. The bottom line is: Lawmakers should be helping Missouri women have more access to medical care, not less.

It’s clear that many in the Missouri legislature have not heard what women in Missouri think about their obsession with attacking women’s health. So we held our own 72 hour Women’s Filibuster on the steps of the Missouri Capitol. Nearly 100 women and men from across Missouri braved rain, sleet, and 18 MPH winds to speak out for 72 hours IN A ROW in protest of the 72-hour waiting period (HB 1307) bill.

The bill now advances to the Governor who has until July 14th to act. Join us and urge Governor Jay Nixon to veto HB 1307

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